Written by Rudolph Bessit


Congratulations my honeys, regardless of what the earlier part of this year may have been like for you! You may have won some and lost some. You may still be fighting and unsure, but you’re here. It is another year done and dusted. Another bag filled with experiences, lessons, growth, wisdom, change, and awareness… another year conquered. 


Reflect on the 11 months behind us: the losses and victories, the people you came across, the laughs and cries. There are even some of us who didn’t think we’d make it to here. It’s the perfect time to celebrate life. 


Some of us will be celebrating with family, some with friends who became family, some will be celebrating with strangers and others may be alone. However you happen to spend this festive season, let’s make it count… and I say happen because we don’t always choose, but in our circumstances, whatever they may be, we could still choose to make it count. 


I want to wish you all a very happy 2022 festive season. May you be surrounded by smiles, laughter, love and kindness. 


I pray for strength, courage and wisdom as we face the new season ahead of us. May we grab it by the balls and ride it like a mother. 


Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you my sweeties.


Be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ. 


Lots Ru💜lovE


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