Written by Simply Duma


Since I was young, storytelling had acted as a catalyst for my creative skills, so much so that by the fourth grade I could already draw up stories. Creating narratives about characters and expressing them via pen and paper, movies based on horror and fantasy always inspired the supernatural and monstrous characters I’d create. 


This would play an integral role in how I view sex in a personal context. The first time I experienced sex was my first boyfriend and love. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a great first experience as a first-time bottom. From listening to my body language, to being as hands on as possible, he laid the foundation for the standards I would expect for not only making sex pleasurable, but also beautiful and imaginative.


My experience in working as a strip club host in 2019 helped impact my appreciation of sex as an art form- not just the physical aspect, but the mental, spiritual, emotional and visual aspects of it. I started viewing sex as a method of self-expression, which coincided with my views on art. This belief was further deepened by my time as a peer educator student on my campus in 2014. I concluded it was the oldest of the carnal methods of humans expressing their desires and emotions. An art where the participant (or participants) builds and channel a series of energies and sensations. The appreciation of the body, the penis, the vulva, the breast, the anus, the appreciation of the body as a whole spiritual vessel. 


One of my favorite series, PValley, also validated my view of sex as an unconventional art form through the medium of stripping. I quote one of the characters, Mercedes, who said “Stripping is art. I teleport motherf*ckers”. That was my motivation. My manifesto. My craft; to teleport the consumers of my content (whether recorded or live) to worlds they never knew they wanted to go to.


With all of the above being said, I’ve become a multifaceted personality with different brand associations and collaborations that relate to my work; which is not only sex work, but to eradicate the stigma associated with sex work and embracing the spiritual side of exploring your sexual desires. I’ve recently collaborated with Women First Digital, which promotes sexual health and been invited to speak at the University of Pretoria for a sexual health workshop. 


I’m also a house father (you may call me mother) of Haus of 67 made up of the house uncle Starr67 and house auntie Summer67. Not only are we supportive emotionally, but creatively as well because Starr67 directs my porn videos, giving them that special touch. 


In conclusion, I view sex as an unconventional expression and my work is dedicated to it. Express yourself, you are the artist, the painter, the creator, the creation.

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