Written by Katlego Kganyago

Welcome to our signature edition: The 2022 Queer Warriors Issue! 

We celebrate iconic leaders across the African continent that are fearless in their convictions; and give their minds, bodies and souls to the greater LGBTQIA+ community, all in the name of love. These are our saints, whose gospel is believing in the gift of serving queer people passionately for the greater good of humanity.

You will be inspired by their authentic legacies that withstand the test of time. You will be intrigued by their selflessness. The heart-warming courage our Queer Warriors possess will leave you contemplating about that philanthropy project you neglected because you felt “it was not the right time.” Now is the time to start that community building activity you always wanted to host, because all Queer Warriors give us simple guidelines towards pursuing activism or advocacy work.

I had the privilege to chat with Roché Kester, Patsy P. Alley and Ndumie Funda. They are all phenomenal women and I learnt that they had a strong sense of conviction. Our lovely co-editor, Siliziwe Mapalala profiled Chesterfield Samba, Tiffany Kugare Mugo and Mino Likwasi who I believe are global queer citizens based on their transnational work. Our stunning contributor, Sive Mjindi writes about Justice Edwin Cameron, Samuel Matsikure and Anold Mulaisho who are powerhouses in advocacy fields. 

Let us celebrate the tremendous contributions of our Queer Warriors! May God bless them and their families. From me and the entire EXIT family, we wish our amazing leaders the best in their future endeavours. 

To our fantastic reader, I appreciate you and I believe you will be inspired greatly by the Queer Warriors. 

In the spirit of Spring, rock your sandals, shades and shorts: go to the nearest park and relax with loved ones. Let go of disappointments you reflected on during Winter. As you take breaks in between, find time to meditate and know that your legacy on Earth is important, no matter how tiny it may seem.

The world is your oyster.

Katlego Kganyago


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