Written by Simply Duma


Queer visibility has come a very long way in our society. Even in environments that go as far as making our existence a punishable crime, we have multiple pioneers and in my opinion, superheroes that are pushing for the rightful respect and acknowledgement of non-heteronormative individuals who want to just live their lives. Queer Warriors have sacrificed their energy (and in regrettable cases, their lives) all in the name of equality and are rightfully celebrated for it. All of us have a Queer Warrior inside of us, but I feel that there is a need to discuss the reality of being a fully realised pioneer.


Before we begin, I’d like to go deeper into what the definition of a Queer Warrior is; a queer body who has taken up the responsibility to fight for themselves and/or their community. They possess the bravery to take up the initiative to achieve goals that align with developing their community and be a pillar of it.


As I said in the beginning of this piece, these individuals are celebrated and it is natural to want the fame which comes with it, but a reality check is needed because a Queer Warrior needs to be extremely self-aware. The Queer Warrior must possess confidence to overcome obstacles related to achieving the goals that will ultimately serve their community. Like any great warrior in our histories, their duty to the people is of utmost importance. As with any public figure, they will be outside voices and negativity that may hinder your progress, but if you’re steadfast and determined to accomplish your mission, you will overcome them.


As funny as this may sound, my personal Queer Warrior reality check came in the form of texts, DMs and emails from other amazing queer bodies interested in collaborating with me in order to realise the vision. I use these as affirmations to keep me going because they really made me realise that I’m not doing this for myself, instead I’m doing this for a greater purpose.


I feel that it is incredibly important to differentiate a Queer Warrior and a queer personality. The latter is an individual who has characteristics that allow them to entertain or engage with a specific audience. A Queer Warrior is an individual who has taken up the responsibility to fight the war against queer discrimination. The title is synonymous with being an activist, taking up arms to ensure a safer future for our queer brethren.


One must be mentally prepared to take up this responsibility, and this is how you can do so (with my experience): 

– Be able to commit to your goals and objectives without shame.

– Find a way to shut out the judgment of outsiders. There will be many critics, but you don’t have to prove yourself to them.

– Be able to identify who those critics are. There are people sent to come and help us in our goal, but there are also those that invite themselves to distract. 


You also don’t need to be social media famous in order to be a Queer Warrior. You can use any of your platforms to spread your message and activism in any way you find fit and effective.


With all of this being said, being a Queer Warrior can also be beneficial to you personally as well. My character has been positively impacted and has made me realise I have a greater purpose to fulfil. Challenging the status quo, redefining black sexual liberty and ultimately normalising perspectives from a sexual point of view has not only benefitted those I help, but myself, especially influencing the way I make decisions and moves.


My hope for this article is to give a practical understanding in terms of what it takes to be a Queer Warrior. You will face many situations that require you to step outside of yourself and contemplate the impact you might have on the next person. You must embrace your light and not fear it, because when we let our lights shine, we show others how to let theirs shine as well. In closing, I’d like to mention that as much as you are working for the community, you must NEVER lose yourself in the process.

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