A Review by Zandile Mabika

Exposé, subtitled ‘A blessing in disguise’ follows a life of a homosexual boy, Kagiso, who grew up in a rural area, Ga-Sekororo, confused about his feelings by virtue of being raised in a heteronormative world without any exposure to homosexuals. He eventually got a chance to understand himself when in university. At first he was forced to conform and suffocate in a closet, where he even tried to convince himself that he had feelings for girls. His life became easier when he accepted himself and got in a relationship with a guy he loved dearly. However this relationship did not survive the attacks especially from people that were close to him. But, his failed relationship only led him to a successful one, even though it also was not immune to threats that pushed it to a point of disentanglement, in hindsight his disguised blessing was realized. When he was exposed by his roommate, Kagiso got rejected by his family, especially his mother whom even went as far as divorcing his father for supporting him. This depressed Kagiso to a point where he wanted to end it all. His father and his best friend, Kamo were his only pillar of strength. The world would be better if all people were as open minded as Martin who treated Kagiso with so much love.

Exposé is an emotional roller coaster book which will see the reader laugh, cry, angry, and happy. This book also challenges the societal conformity set forth to be adhered to by everyone, and this often imposes oppression especially to those of lesser power. Set in University of Limpopo, Lorraine Ga-Sekororo, Tembisa, and Bellville, Cape Town, this book is suitable for people of all ages and all sexual orientations. It is aimed to help a young homosexual person who doesn’t know how to deal with their feelings to navigate through life. This book addresses issues that are faced by homosexuals in everyday life. It exposes the societal and social atrocities, and inequalities the LGBTIQ+ often come across. The misconceptions about the members of the LGBTIQ+ community are debunked in this book. Therefore, I highly recommend it to those with limited knowledge about the matters pertaining to the community. When one reads this book, they will be aware of the hardships that homosexuals go through and will therefore cultivate sympathy for them, thus accepting homosexuals instead of ill-treating them, which without doubt will in turn encourage every being to embrace their natural feelings and rather focus their energy and strength in making the world a better place for the next generations.

Lastly, Exposé is fast paced and enthralling. The dialogue is quite strong and gripping, making the book unputdownable. The chapters are short, encouraging you to read on. This was one of the books I struggled to put down once I started reading. A job well done Mokone! 

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