Hearts beat like djembes.

Fingers draw pathways of sweat on a chest.

Hair rustles as it is caressed gently.

Tongues wrestle in a warm dark place and

A gush of warm gasps fills the air as two souls intertwine.



The scent of human love fills the already human heated air.

Eyes dilate as they make each other out in the dim light.

Manly iris on manly iris.

Vein adorned hand on a hairy muscular buttock.

Dulcet words moisten an erect earlobe.



Pacts are made.

Vows broken.

Love built.

Families hurt.

Lives diminished.

Insecurities fueled.

Religion Threatened.



Two men in unison.

Hurting no one.

Caught in a moment of cathartic abandon.

Skin on latex on skin.

Scented oil permeates sheets.

No fear. Just love… Just love.

No hate. Just acceptance. Just worth.



Eye squeezed through a keyhole.

Ear pressed against the door.

Mouth frothing.

Heart hating. Mind misunderstanding.

Manhood threatened. Values questioned.

Logic precarious.

Hand pressed against a machete.

Thumb rubbed against an Okapi blade.

Breathing heavy. Seething. Festering.



Door broken open. Flesh cut. Eyes gouged.

Screams muffled.

Perverts fixed. Real men emerge.

The world is a better place.



-Frank Malaba 

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