Rock the City LGBTI Festival is the first of its kind to take into the entertainment space in Johannesburg and provide a conducive and safe space for the LGBTIQ+ community. With the first event being introduced in April 2019, this year’s one was the second annual one. 

The Festival bring together the best LGBTIQ and mainstream artists performing into an intimate space where Queer People can gather and enjoy themselves. It is a musical festival aiming to showcase LGBTIQ talent and create platforms for visibility, Queer visibility!

Just few days before this event the community witnessed the murdering of queer people. With these unfortunate events being documented all over the media and still continues, this shows the need for such spaces and events, hence the candle lighting at the festival in memory of the dearly departed Queer bodies. 

“Rock the City ais proof that as a community we are able to create our own spaces just exactly the way we want them where we can be free and be ourselves without fear or any judgements. We know as the LGBTIQ+ community we still face with a lot of hate crimes, gruesome violence and homophobia. So, spaces like these are really needed for our people – and finally representing the LGBTIQ community in the entertainment space at such a huge level.” Said the organiser.


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