Marlon67 not just a sexual being 

Written by Simply Duma

Many people know Marlon67 as the sex positive adult entertainer, famous for his hosting gigs and certified “bad b” demeanour. However, what many people don’t know is what led to him embracing and cultivating this part of him, and ultimately making his work not only about the positivity of sex, but the inclusion of all queer people in South Africa. 

Before becoming the powerhouse, we know and love today, Marlon was a student, studying towards working in the IT industry while taking part in the peer education and counselling program on campus.

“As is the case for many people, my tertiary life proved to be a catalyst for change in my own life. One of these changes was the result of me becoming a peer educator and counsellor on campus. The experience opened my eyes to the different experiences of queer and non-queer people, and really helped me a lot in become the sex positive person I am today”.

However, the most defining change took place in his second year.

“In second year, while still being a peer educator and counsellor, I found myself almost being charged with assault for protecting an acquaintance of mine who was being bullied for being a trans woman by the perpetrator and his friend, who just stood at the side-lines. I then became physical with the perpetrator while protecting her and once the police intervened, they took all 4 of us to the police station. We were transported in two different cars – I was in a car with the friend of the perpetrator, who then told me that they find me attractive. That was my other issue with the situation – the friend could possibly be part of the LGBTQ+ community, but still allowed his friend to be blatantly transphobic in his presence. I then felt a calling to educate people who are misinformed about things that society normally doesn’t discuss or allow for discussion because of certain stigma and stereotyping”. 

From then on, a sort of rebirth had taken place. A new desire to do what he can to better the space around him.

“I then enrolled into a 9 week course under The Centre for the Study of AIDS, Sexuality & Gender, which allowed students a platform to sit and discuss topics our elders decided were taboo, such as sex, sexuality, gender, sex health, etc. It was then I realized that I had a purpose – to do my part in changing the harmful perceptions people had and chose to believe”.

Eventually, tertiary life came to an end, and real life started. While exploring corporate, he realized that he didn’t feel as of he was completing his recently discovered purpose.

“Upon graduating, I entered the corporate world, where I also learned many things about myself, especially things I didn’t like or didn’t allow to take away from my peace. During the hell that was corporate, I had decided to have multiple streams of income, and one of them was entering the nightlife scene, mainly promoting and hosting”.


After dabbling in the nightlife, leaving corporate, working with more queer people and of course, exploring his sex self more, he was ready to unveil Marlon67 to the world.

“In June 2020, the universe gave me the message that I’m ready to tap into Super Saiyan mode. And that’s when I created my OnlyFans page, communicating with other queer content creators, and found a way to actively spread love and light within our community”.


And now he is here, some time later, doing amazing work both personally and publicly, and constantly looking for new ways to educate the ignorant world on what love and true expression can be.


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