Life without music would be boring. Music is the spice that just adds an unexpected flavour to the bland and mundane. It can also take a masterpiece to a whole new level, which is what I strive to do every time I marry the mood, genre, lyrics and tempo of the audio that I choose to go with the visual content. 


For the longest time, music has always had a place in my heart. Whether I’m eating, showering, working out, having sex and even sleeping, music will always be playing in the background. One of the most significant memories I have with music was the first time I made love. It was with my first boyfriend (of five years) and there was a whole playlist of RnB music setting the mood in the background. It all felt like that typical “only found in movies” trope that really helped create that one of a kind moment. 


However, I feel like I truly mastered the art of combining music and sex from my experience of working at a strip club and hosting sex parties. I realised that the type of music I listen to during a stripping set or sexual session influences my rhythm and/or stroke game – regardless of whether I’m on the top or the bottom (or both). From there, I started choosing songs that create a certain vibe or mood. And being the astrology babe that I am, I know Pisces men would probably say “playing the right music sets the right tone for me” (no, I’m not a Pisces, I’m a Libra sun).


Another realisation I made was that music is very much compulsory in my work, because I know that I’m quite verbal during my sessions and I don’t want to show any disrespect to my neighbors, and also because music determines what your next move is, whether it be removing a piece of clothing, or if your doing another twirl around the pole (in a stripping context). I probably can strip without music, but I imagine that it wouldn’t very pleasurable for the audience (or myself, really). 


The type of genre/category I decide to play in my work depends on what I’m feeling on that day. For instance, Hip Hop and Trap are for when I feel like evoking the bad bitch that I am, Soul is for when I want to create an intimate mood best suited for cuddling and booty rubs and Sounds of Nature is for when I’m giving tantric massages and helping you get in touch with your inner self. 


Lately, however, I’ve been incorporating and supporting local music by using them in my promo videos, and/or using them in my stripping sets and content creation. On the top of my playlist at the moment is ‘SBEJE’ by local amapiani sensation Miss Pammie. I’ve been able to channel my inner baddie which also takes me back to my roots, because ‘sbeje’ is Pretoria slang for ass. “Shake your sbeje” is usually an instruction to embrace yourself and forget your insecurities, and as a leading figure in the South African adult industry, I relate to music like this because it shares a similar narrative to mine, which is sex and body positivity, with a local touch as well. 


Now that I’ve shared my musical journey, I hope you’re eager to start your own. Here are a few album suggestions to help you get started:

– Kaytranada: BUBBA 

Great for chilling, drinking, exchanging kisses and sneaking in a blowjob.

– Pop Smoke: Meet The Woo

Great for embracing your inner THOT, when you’re trying to get down and freaky.

– Beyoncé: BEYCHELLA

Adding a little bit of variety into a long sex session (plus minus 2 hours).

– Childish Gambino: Late Night In Kauai

When you’re planning to have some feel good (preferably medicated) sex.

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