It’s my greatest and deepest honor to introduce to you the Loyiso Lindani Foundation NPO.

The organisation’s main objectives are:

I. To address Gender Matters and pioneer the rights of people living with HIV
II. Offering support to pregnant and breastfeeding women living with HIV
III. To promote Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)
IV. To be a Mental Health friendly space
V. To support orphaned and vulnerable children
VI. To promote art as healing therapy meditation
VII. A safe space for sex workers, LGBTQIA+ community, Orphaned and vulnerable children, Rape, Gender Based Violence and Abuse survivors

b) The organisation’s secondary objectives will be:
1. Offering support to pregnant and breastfeeding women living with HIV
2. Working with other NPOs, NGOs and Trusts with similar objectives
3. Creating a sisterhood support network for women and girls living with HIV
4. To work closely with previously marginalized groups such as people of colour, indigenous peoples and all key populations.
5. To offer meditation and yoga services
6. A non-racial, non-religious, LGBTQIA+ community and mental friendly organisation

Kindly follow on Loyiso Lindani Foundation NPO (Facebook) and @loyisolindanifoundationNPO (Instagram).

Thank you to the collaborative effort of Eva Dewa Masyitha (Indonesia 🇮🇩 ) and Mambila Mageza  ( South Africa 🇿🇦) to craft and create this incredible design.

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