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Comedy Central Africa celebrates SelBeyonce Mkhize’s effervescent presence in South Africa’s diverse media landscape, by awarding the star the panellist post for The Roast of Khanyi Mbau, alongside Celeste Ntuli and Devi Govender. SelBeyonce is one of the prominent LGBTQIA+ voices on-screen and on radio. This would open many doors for like-minded youth to pursue comedy, which is still very heteronormative in mainstream media, although the queer community has been having its comedy genre for aeons.

I had the honour to interview SelBeyonce on this triumphant event, but also noting that “laughter is the best medicine.” We giggled here and there, and had Aha-moments as we shared wisdom nuggets in between. Here is a brief Q&A with SelBeyonce.

Katlego: Thanks for joining us. Please give us a little background about what you have been up to lately, after winning Mzansi Magic Viewer’s Choice Award?

SelBeyonce: I have been receiving so many calls. It is overwhelming but it a blessing really to be celebrated whilst you are still alive.

K: Why do you think you were selected by Comedy Central Africa as a panellist for the Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau, and how did happen for you?  

S: I think many people find me funny. I don’t try hard but I believe that the gift of making people laugh is innate. I don’t find myself humorous but I am a comedian of some sort to those around me and those who appreciate my work.

K: The Roast is one of the most popular tabloid events of the year, how will you maximise this opportunity for your career ventures?

S: Wow. There will be so many people watching. It is the most watched show on the channel and I will leverage this opportunity to see what I can do with reality television. I have been receiving a lot of support to star in my reality show but waiting for the perfect timing, as great things do really take time to come to fruition. 

K: Tell us more about what you are going to prepare for The Roast on 21st July 2022 at Montecasino Teatro, as a panellist for Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau?

S: I have been watching previous roasts and I found a lot of inspiration, especially that Somizi Roast. I also have been practising my sarcasm and other comedy devices with my friends. Surprisingly they think I have become rude, not knowing that I am really testing waters. 

K: What advice would you give to young people who dream of being successful radio professionals in Africa?

S: I would say that never give up on your dreams. Our paths are different but you have been trusted with this gift. Sometimes you have to go and work long hours because you have to assist with essential needs at home. Sometimes you have to juggle many gigs to save up for that degree you wish you pursue at a prestigious institution. What matters most is that you must persevere; things will eventually pop for you. 

K: What makes a good panellist, particularly for a Comedy Central Africa Roast?

S: Excellence. I think one of the qualities you should possess is excellence. You have to be exceptional in your field and not mediocre. 

K: Who do you not want to see as part of the panellist announcement for Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau?

S: I do not want to see Celeste Ntuli. Gosh! She is my friend and she is also the panellist as well. So that would be a tough one. I also do not want to see Pearl Thusi, but you never know hey?

K: What do you think of Celeste Ntuli and Devi Govender?

S: Celeste is really phenomenal and so is Devi. They are incredible women doing amazing things in the media world and slaying in their lanes.

K: Are you looking forward to the Comedy Central Africa Roast red carpet? It is such a big deal. 

S: Of course. I will rock that red carpet. I won’t reveal my designer; I want to keep you in suspense. 


Catch The Roast of Khanyi Mbau on Comedy Central Africa DSTV Channel 122, set to air on 08th August 2022 at 21:00


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