Mfumo Bamuza, a meme & comedy TikTok creator based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His TikTok career began at the height of South Africa’s level 5 lockdown in May 2020 where he created videos that prioritised political and current affairs in a cleverly amusing tone.

In May 2021 Mfumo was selected as one of the finalists for TikTok South Africa’s Rising Voices Programme. Throughout the programme he was exposed to prominent industry experts such as Mihlali and DJ Zinhle, received exclusive content and account growth sessions and plans, and was given a chance to showcase his creative abilities through a series of in-app programmed events.

Mfumo draws his creative inspiration from everyday experiences including but not limited to his love for music, fashion and good experiences in general. He lives by the quote “every opportunity is an interview for the next” and believes in creating content that is fun, informative and light-hearted.

In today’s growing digital age, the inclusion and active participation of queer content creatives in the digital space is Mfumo’s vision for the future and the queer community, as there is space for anyone in the digital world whether they are there as a creator or consumer of content. He believes that the creation and facilitation of community among LGBTQ+ people has always been necessary as a means of support, protection, and affirmation in a discriminatory society. The advent of new technology has allowed for community-building and organising to occur more easily without face-to-face contact and Mfumo’s vision for the queer community fits perfectly with this narrative.”

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