By Dumisani Dube

Saturday the 11 th of September saw animal lovers gathered at a Boksburg venue to raise funds for
animals with cancer. The event dubbed Paw Applause fundraiser was organised by Louw Breytenbach
Mr Gay World SA. Louw was crowned the winner at a pageant held in Johannesburg earlier this year.
Louw has an amazing Dalmatian, and in 2018 he had to go a huge operation at Onderstepoort and spent
12 weeks in hospital. This led to the first Rainbow Paws Applause fundraiser and since then his love for
animals grew in leaps and bounds. “They love freely and connect without judgement, as humans
should” Louw says. He goes on to say “The inspiration behind Rainbow paws is about spreading the
message of unity in diversity. If we can care for the least among us, we can create a society that drives
change. The rainbow represents life, inclusivity, hope and positive radiance.”

The event was on Saturday was to raise funds for the Gay World Foundation’s 2021 Charity of Choice,
The Southern African Animal Cancer Association. The event is aimed at raising funds to support animal
cancer research and assist hospitals in their research endeavours.
There was no target set, as the goal as with all charities for Louw, as he feels it is not just the money but
instead the conversation around topics. “We can draw attention to the things that matter the support
will follow.” Encourages Breytenbach. The SAACA will receive a very gracious donation, but the
wonderful effects of people talking about driving change in the community will have a lasting effect that
surpasses monetary value.

For those willing to send in donations to this worthy cause can follow SAACA on social media and make
donations directly to the non-profit organization. They may also reach out to the Gay Foundation to
make donations, offer services or make pledges and if they cannot donate, they can always share the
wonderful messages on social media to raise awareness.


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