Dark Matter is about emerging from the dark into the light, exploring space, entering the unknown, defying the impossible. It’s about creating the future where nobody needs to chant they matter because it’s as logical as physics.


Dark Matter is a rebellious, revelling relief, an explosion of a reality that too often is neatly organised on the walls of white cubes and black theatre wings, within the rigid boundaries of these frames.

Dark Matter is a celebration of bodies escaping through creative expression after centuries of oppression, blooming into the light with love, anger, passion, and life.


Everything of fear and hate must disappear, the work invokes the exoticization or absence of black bodies in the world and puts these questions in parallel with art and history.


A love letter of the beauty, power and resilience of the black queer femme body which exists in a society that consistently treats it with hate and prejudice.

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