Love has been a favored topic of philosophers, poets, writers and scientists for generations, and different people and groups have often fought about its definition. 

While most people agree that love implies a strong feeling of affection, there are many disagreements about its precise meaning, and one’s personal “I love you” might mean something quite different the another’s.  

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Period. Welcome to February the month of love. In different ways we describe and express love in different ways. How do you express and Itdescribe love? 

I know love when I see it, but, alas in our Queer community we have been victims of forced marriage and meaningless relationships that have been imposed on us to save our families’ and society’s face. This has led to many heartbreak and mental health issues among our peers and the results of have been brutal with some turning to suicide with the fear of being judged. Love is not supposed to hurt. 

As we approach Valentine’s days, obviously the day we all try to express love in so many ways, let us remember those that do not have the privilege to say “I love you”, not because they do not love, but because are not allowed to love. 

Love knows no gender, nor race. Love does not discriminate. We are all are lovers in one way or the other.  Making someone feel loved does not cost a thing, only you heart of course. Love is kind, love is beautiful, love is real and everyone has a right to experience LOVE. 

In this issue we explore different love experiences from different walks of life and different social statuses. Let’s walk this journey together in the absence of judgement and enjoy the love stories we share in this issue, well because our stories matter. 

If I don’t see you, live, love and pray. 


Wait…… I love you  all, because of you, I am. 


Dumisani Dube

Editor in Chief

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